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The science is settled: Herman Cain is innocent

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CBS Atlanta:

CSI: Cain Statement Irrefutable!

And if you’re still skeptical, even in the face of this inconvenient truth: Why do you hate science?

P.S. Despite what Chirpy Newsperson #1 said, Sharon Bialek wasn’t the most recent accuser to come forward. She was the first accuser to come forward. Hope that helps.

P.P.S. Bialek and Karen Kraushaar, the only two accusers whose names we know so far, originally announced they’d be holding a joint news conference at some point in the intermediate future. Now Kraushaar says she won’t do it unless the two still-anonymous accusers show up too. So it looks like that’s how this particular reality show is going to go. Well, no big hurry. In the meantime, we’re still waiting to find out what Cain is supposed to have said or done to her. Details, details!

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Jim Treacher