Herman Cain on why he should be secretary of defense

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain isn’t shy about arguing why he should be chosen as the next Secretary of Defense.

In a recent interview with The Daily Caller, Cain laid out seven reasons why he would be an attractive candidate to lead the Pentagon.

The first, he said, is his “history is that of a leader.”

“Number two, a leader who is not afraid to take on tough challenges,” he said.

“Number three, a decision maker. Number four, someone who knows how to prioritize,” he added.

“Number five, someone who knows how to listen to the commanders on the ground and listen to the experts. Number six, someone who understands that we need to have strategic priorities relative to rebuilding our military.”

“Number seven, someone who will not be afraid to go to the president and encourage the president that we need to rebuild our military instead of weakening it,” he said.

Cain summed up, “In other words, in a word, a leader.”

“That’s what I would bring to that job,” he said.

Cain, who has never held office and whose foreign policy knowledge was questioned during his campaign, dismissed critics who said experience in national security is required for the job.

“You don’t need to have defense expertise,” he argued “You don’t even need to have military expertise. You need to have leadership expertise. That’s what I would bring to that job.”

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