Krauthammer mocks ‘the grandness, the immensity’ of Gingrich’s ‘Pearl Harbor’ analogy

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Over the weekend, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s campaign compared a ballot setback in Virginia to the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan, which prompted the United States’ entry into World War II — an event that killed more than 2,400 and left another 1,200 wounded.

Some have decried the comparison, but Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said the analogy was just indicative of how seriously Gingrich takes himself and his campaign. Krauthammer himself had another analogy in mind, which he suggested on Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“I’m not sure the analogy does justice to the grandness, the immensity of Newt,” Krauthammer said, tongue in cheek. “I think the better analogy is 1066 — the Battle of Hastings. And I think King Harold is dead and William the Conqueror has landed. And Newt is going pick up the crown of the last king of the Saxons and lead a trusty band of Saxons fueled with money from Freddie Mac and will retake Britain from William and change the course of European history. I think that that kind of analogy captures the cosmic importance of the Newt campaign.”

Krauthammer, though, said Gingrich shouldn’t have made the comparison, much less allow his campaign manager Michael Krull to voice such a sentiment publicly.

“Look, you can’t really — it’s hard to make a parody of Newt in the way he imagines himself,” Krauthammer said. “Even if he thinks its Pearl Harbor, you don’t say it out in public and you don’t have your national campaign director trumpet it. It compares a bit of the grandiosity of Newt and it’s good that every once in a while he injects a little humor into the campaign.”


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