Carville: Rick Perry is the worst presidential candidate in American history

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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James Carville, the well-known CNN contributor and former campaign manager for President Bill Clinton, had some tough words for Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday, following Perry’s announcement that he would head back to Texas to reassess his campaign.

During CNN’s coverage of the Iowa caucus results, Carville declared Perry “the worst” presidential candidate in American history.

“Rick Perry is the worst presidential campaign, candidate in American history,” Carville said. “Who is worse? He was on fire. He was on fire for a while. There’s nobody that had worse debates than he did.”

“There was nobody that raised more money to less effect,” he added. “Not Giuliani, not Fred Thompson, not John Connally, not anybody — given the expectations of where he started… I’m sorry, he was the worst ever.”


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