Mark Levin: Ron Paul’s interpretation of the Constitution not always accurate [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Radio talk show host Mark Levin says he couldn’t vote for Texas Rep. Ron Paul in the general election even if the Texas congressman were to somehow win the Republican nomination.

“I would have to write somebody in because Ron Paul’s foreign policy is so antithetical to traditional conservative foreign policy — whether it’s [Sen. Barry] Goldwater, whether it’s [President Ronald] Reagan,” Levin said in an extensive interview with The Daily Caller.

“You know, they like to point to [Sen. Robert] Taft in the 1950s. They have two or three conservatives they can point to. I have hundreds of conservatives I can point to … I find that [foreign policy] position to be the Kucinich-McGovern wing of the Democrat Party — it’s even extreme for them.”

Levin expanded his attack on Paul beyond foreign policy.

“I have other problems with him. I don’t think his interpretation of the Constitution is always accurate,” Levin said.

“I don’t believe in secession. I think that was resolved by the Civil War. A number of people around him, including Professor Thomas DiLorenzo, are real [President] Abraham Lincoln haters — written a whole book on all the problems with Abraham Lincoln. Last time I checked, Abraham Lincoln is like Mr. Republican. And there are other things about the guy: His newsletters. I talk about his newsletters. Has anyone read his newsletters? They are stunningly disgusting. So there are just a number of things that cause me enough trouble as a conservative, who has been in the conservative movement longer than Ron Paul because Ron Paul has been in the Libertarian movement. No, I couldn’t vote for him.”

While criticizing attacks made by other GOP contenders against Mitt Romney’s business experience, Levin also went after the former Massachusetts governor for not being “such a great capitalist.”

“On the other hand I don’t think that Mitt Romney has been such a great capitalist either,” Levin said. “Does a great capitalist put Romneycare in Massachusetts? That’s a guy that who has completely abandoned capitalism and competition and the private sector with Romneycare.”

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Levin also discussed his new book, “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” released Monday.

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In a previous segment, Levin explained to TheDC why he won’t run for elective national office and how he got the nickname “The Great One.”

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