Daily Caller contest offers chance to grill Bill Ayers

Caroline May | Reporter

Tucker Carlson, meet Bill Ayers.

Last month, The Daily Caller’s editor-in-chief won a $2,500 dinner with Ayers, former leader of the terrorist Weather Underground, in an online auction conducted for the benefit of the Illinois Humanities Council.

On February 5, Carlson and five guests will travel to Chicago for a home-cooked meal with Ayers and his wife, fellow radical Bernadine Dohrn.

“Bill Ayers has been in the news for 40 years,” said Carlson. “He knows Barack Obama personally, apparently well. Yet somehow, we spent the entire 2008 presidential campaign hearing virtually nothing from him. We’ve got a lot of questions. Can’t wait to ask them.”

According to Carlson, Ayers is well aware of who’s coming to dinner. “We’ve emailed. Ayers knows that I’m coming on Feb. 5, with some other people from The Daily Caller, including one of our readers,” Carlson said. “He knows we’ll be asking tough questions. That’s the whole point of journalism. That’s what we do.”

This week, The Daily Caller began an online contest to select a reader to attend the dinner. Readers will be asked to submit questions to Ayers, and Daily Caller readers will choose the best entry. The winner will receive a place at the table, plus airfare and accommodations in Chicago. Readers can enter the contest here.

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