Conservative group launches opposition ad campaign as Obama begins energy tour

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On the same day President Barack Obama launched a two-day tour to promote his energy plan, the conservative Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies began an ad campaign hitting the administration for “bad energy policies.”

On Wednesday, Crossroads GPS announced a $650,000 ad buy to target three media markets in battleground states where the president will pitch his plan: Albuquerque, N.M.; Columbus, Ohio; and Las Vegas, Nev. The President will also be making a stop in Oklahoma.

The ad, called “Deflect,” hits the president for the increase in gas prices, restricting drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, limiting oil shale development, and killing the Keystone XL pipeline.


“Deflect” concludes urging viewers to call on the president to make solid decisions on energy.

“The president’s playing politics. Tell President Obama bad energy policies mean energy prices we can’t afford,” the ad concludes.

Crossroads GPS president Steven Law reiterated the sentiment, explaining that the president’s policies are actually hurting Americans.

“Instead of delivering practical solutions to make energy more affordable, President Obama is pursuing restrictive and naïve policies that are hurting families at the pump and in their utility bills,” said Law. “There are plenty of supply-boosting solutions Obama could adopt immediately, but he remains obsessed with impractical sideshows like algae and Solyndra business schemes.”

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