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Soledad O’Brien’s Starting Point can’t get off the starting blocks

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It’s been three weeks since CNN’s Soledad O’Brien completely humiliated herself in a debate on Derrick Bell and Critical Race Theory, trying to rebut Breitbart.com‘s Joel Pollak by parroting a Wikipedia definition somebody was reading into her earpiece. She also sat by idly while one of her other guests accused Pollak of racism.

A few days later, O’Brien compounded the damage by bringing on Emory University’s Dorothy Brown to contradict Pollak’s definition of CRT, which was weird because that claim contradicted Brown’s own writings. O’Brien then declared the case closed, which was absolutely adorable.

Since then, O’Brien has stayed under the radar. And I mean in terms of ratings. Here are Tuesday’s numbers, courtesy of Zap2It:

Fourth place out of five. She’s even getting stomped by CNN’s sister channel, Headline News. And she wasn’t just having a bad day. Here are the CNN’s worst three quarters for their morning shows in the last 12 years, again from Zap2It:

CNN now has the worst morning ratings since just before 9/11. Any measure of trust and goodwill CNN built up with the American viewing public since then is now gone.

Fine by me.

(Hat tip: Inside Cable News)