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Investment adviser: Economic terrorism can bring down the U.S. economy [VIDEO]

David Martosko Executive Editor
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Economic Investment adviser Kevin Freeman has a frightening message, he says, and we’re running out time to listen. Freeman, the author of Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the US Stock Market and How it Can Happen Again, warned The Daily Caller that America could find itself on the receiving end of a Pearl Harbor-like attack from financial terrorists who wage economic warfare instead of carrying out suicide bombings

The Pearl Harbor analogy, Freeman said, is a conscious one. He compared himself to Army General Billy Mitchell, who gave the U.S. Navy similarly unconventional warnings nearly a century ago

“Starting in the 1920s,” Freeman told TheDC’s Ginni Thomas, Mitchell “began to warn the defense establishment that Pearl Harbor was subject to a possible attack. And he actually pinpointed the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese.”

“He said it would happen on a Sunday morning, it would happen early, it would — and he mentioned where it would hit, at Ford Field. It was very specific.”

But at the time, the military wasn’t ready to accept the idea that an air force could dominate a war by dominating the skies.

“For 15 years or so, he had warned,” Freeman said, “and no one listened. “And they compared me to that because I’m warning about the flaws in our economic system.”

“This is our next Pearl Harbor — to an economic attack — and no one seems to want to listen to me either.”

The rest of Kevin Freeman’s eye-opening interview will be online Monday morning, only at The Daily Caller.

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