Angry Mel Gibson caught yelling expletives on tape — again [AUDIO]

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It seems like it was just yesterday that an expletive-filled Mel Gibson rant was caught on tape.

The latest audio is less racist and violent than usual, but still terrifying nevertheless.

What was meant to be a working vacation at Gibson’s Costa Rica home last December turned hostile after the actor yelled at his guests including screenwriting partner Joe Eszterhas, his wife and 15-year-old son — who recorded the rant on his iPod. Other guests, staff and children were present.

Eszterhas, who was working on a script for “The Macabees” that Gibson was producing, provided audio of the rant to TheWrap. Eszterhas recently penned a nine page letter to Gibson that claims the actor backed out of the project because he is an anti-Semite — a claim that Gibson denied. (RELATED: Hollywood screenwriter to Mel Gibson: ‘You hate Jews’)

Regardless of the reasons for Gibson’s abandonment of the project, the damning audio certainly portrays the actor as someone who desperately needs anger management therapy.

The audio begins with Gibson screaming at the top of his lungs: “Why don’t I have a first draft of ‘The Maccabees’? What the fuck have you been doing?”

He then targets the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva: “I go to work, you’re getting paid, I’m not! Shit! I am earning money for a filthy little cocksucker who takes advantage of me! Just like every motherfucker!”

Gibson then yells “fuck” repeatedly and he is heard hurling things across the room. The rant wraps up as his voice grows increasingly hoarse, and ends with the phrase, “Fucking cunt cocksucker whore!”

He certainly seems like a pleasure to be around, doesn’t he?

LISTEN [Note: explicit language]: 

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