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The Democrats finally give in to despair

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As you may have noticed, the Dems have been off their game lately. Even more than usual, I mean. Well, now it’s official: They’re panicking.

So much for “Hope and Change.” So much for “Yes We Can.” So much for “bipartisanship” and “looking at all ideas on the table” and all the other lies. So much for trying to convince people that Obama is worth reelecting on his own merits. Instead, here’s the Dems’ best attempt at a message, which you can get for free if you’re comfortable with the DNC having your mailing address:

Well, it’s snappier than, “H-h-how the Hell Did This Happen? Where Did It All Go Wrong?” And it’s a lot more concise than:

It’s all falling apart for them. Isn’t it great? If it’s this bad now, by November, Obama’s dog-dining might be all he can fall back on.

Obama 2012: Please Don’t Make Him Go Back to Eating Fido.

(Hat tip: Power Line)

P.S. I don’t have the Photoshop skills for it, but if you want to do a version of this bumper sticker that says NOT A DOG-EATER, I’ll be your friend.

P.P.S. Courtesy of the ironically monikered MediaiteMatters, who is now my friend:

P.P.S. As was just pointed out to me:

This is the flag of Luxembourg. And if Obama wins, by 2016 we’ll have their GDP.

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