John Stossel: Fans confuse me with Geraldo ‘once a week’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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John Stossel told The Daily Caller that he “often” gets confused with fellow mustache-bearing Fox News host Geraldo Rivera.

“Once a week,” Stossel specified when asked the frequency with which fans confuse him with his colleague. “‘Hey Geraldo,’ or something like that,” Stossel mimicked fans of Geraldo’s screaming out to him on the street.

TheDC talked with Stossel while the Fox Business Network host was in Washington to promote his new book, “No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails — But Individuals Succeed.”

Asked whether he would ever run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket considering his ability to explain libertarian beliefs to a general audience, Stossel retorted, “I would suck at politics so that’s not where I want to go.”

He also provided TheDC with a libertarian reading list, which included books by economists Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Ludvig von Mises and Henry Hazlitt.

Check out TheDC’s full interview with Stossel Wednesday, in which Stossel discusses his new book, what he thinks of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, what he believes the role of government is and much more.

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