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Someone is auctioning off a vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood

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Wow, today must be Easy Headline Day. From something called PFCAuctions.com:

A glass vial which was used to hold a sample of President Ronald Reagan’s blood after an assassination attempt in 1981

The 5” glass vial with a half inch diameter has a green rubber stopper. Dried blood residue from President Reagan (1911-2004) can be seen clearly in the vial with a quarter-inch ring of blood residue at the end of the inserted rubber stopper.

A 3½” x 1” white label has been affixed to the vial. It is printed, in purple ink, “REAGAN RONALD 940029 THOR / 610892572 AARON PRESIDENTIAL / SUITE 3/30/81 M 2/02/11 JAP.” 940029 was Reagan’s patient ID. AARON refers to Benjamin L. Aaron who was Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at George Washington University Hospital where Reagan was in the Presidential Suite. THOR refers to thoracic. Reagan was admitted on March 30 1981 and M refers to male. The President’s date of birth is incorrectly stated as “2/02/11” when his actual date of birth is February 6 1911.

A second white label, this time printed in green identifies the manufacturer of the vial as “BD / Rutherford, N.J. 07070” – Becton, Dickinson and Company – and “Sodium Heparin / Sterile Interior.” The interior of the tube wall is coated with the anticoagulant sodium heparin which inhibits clotting. This BD “vacutainer” label is filled out in black felt tip marker: “For lead level / Draw 15ml + invert.”

The current bid as of this writing is £7,587, or about $12,000. I’m not sure if that’s too high or too low. Guess it depends on whether you believe it’s real, and if so, if it’s something you’d actually want to possess. See, that’s why we should do away with capitalism. The value of a thing is too dependent on the beholder.

Either way, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is not happy about it.

Well, if people are going to start auctioning off presidential bodily fluids, I guess this is as good a place to start as any. This could be a gold mine for Monica…

By the way, Reagan is Satan. Which is why Obama keeps comparing himself to Reagan, I guess.