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Watch Occupiers smash up San Francisco’s Mission District as the cops look on helplessly

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You should be following David Burge on Twitter (@iowahawkblog). Not only is he the funniest guy I’ve ever even heard of, but he keeps me apprised of things like this:

Keep in mind that this video was uploaded by one of the irrepressible scamps involved. They’re proud of this.

Yeah, man, don’t mess with the SFPD, or they’ll… um… drive away slowly. Has Internal Affairs investigated the officer who dared to turn on his siren, thus impinging on these children’s right to free speech?

And I was ready to congratulate the one kid who tried to talk some sense into the rest of him, until I realized he was okay with smashing up other people’s property as long as they’re above a certain income level.

These idiots did more property damage in one night than the Tea Party has done to date. Remember, though: Occupy is “mostly peaceful.” Just look at all the windows they didn’t smash. Look at all the walls they didn’t spray-paint. Look at all the police stations they didn’t vandalize.

Wait. What’s that, Nancy?

Update: Can you guess the word Occupy Media used to describe this? Go ahead… Did you guess “gorgeous”?

Update: And if you want to try the usual “No True Occupier” crap, keep in mind that Adbusters, the magazine that started the whole Occupy thing, has officially endorsed these idiots.