‘Harry Reid’ now defined as a boring sexual position

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Ladies and gentlemen, do your significant others a favor and try not to pull a “Harry Reid” when you get home at night.

Thanks to Urban Dictionary — a site where users submit definitions for slang terms — the Senate majority leader’s name now means a boring sexual position, the Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported.

“Harry Reid” is defined as: “A sexual position where you climb on top and then do absolutely nothing.”

The site helpfully uses the term in a sentence, “I spent so long trying to talk her into bed that when I finally got on, I pulled a ‘Harry Reid’ and fell asleep.”

The definition continues to say that the term is “[n]amed for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Under his lack of leadership, the Senate failed to pass a budget in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He also blocked votes on numerous jobs bills passed by the House of Representatives.”

It woud appear that some conservative Urban Dictionary users have it in for the senator, since the term “Reiding” is defined as, “using the Congress of the United States to silence free speach [sic] of private citizens,” which is far less entertaining.

Now, Reid has something in common with former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum, whose last name has been associated with a disgusting sexual term since 2003, when sex columnist Dan Savage started a viral definition of “Santorum”, which is too filthy to print, even here at The Daily Caller.

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