Rush Limbaugh calls Paul Ryan ‘the last boy scout’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Monday radio program, Rush Limbaugh said that in the three days since he was named Mitt Romney’s running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan has been more thoroughly vetted by journalists than President Barack Obama.

“I look at the Democrats try to tar and feather this guy as they’re going to,” Limbaugh said. “Have you noticed in three days we already know more about Paul Ryan’s life than we knew about Obama’s and Biden’s in more than four years. And Ryan hasn’t even written two biographies. Ryan hadn’t written one biography and we know more about Paul Ryan and his wife and his kids than we know today bout Barack Obama. And I have to laugh. It’s as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. News media carrying the Obama campaign’s water immediately labeling Ryan ‘radical, extreme.’”

Limbaugh compared Obama to Ryan and based on what is out there about each of them, Ryan he said was a “boy scout.”

“Here you have Barack Obama, who is a street agitator, a Saul Alinsky disciple, a man who called Jeremiah Wright his spiritual mentor, who never called ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ by the news media,’” Limbaugh said. “But Paul Ryan, who may well be the last Boy Scout, who may well be the last Boy Scout — Paul Ryan is called radical and extreme and anathema to women? That women only care about contraception and abortion — well we know this all a crock.”

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