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Democrats have calm, civilized debate with Paul Ryan in Iowa

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Just kidding!

I heard about this incident yesterday, but I didn’t see the clip until just now:

Just imagine if a protester tried to get onstage with Joe Biden. (Assuming, for the purposes of discussion, that anybody still shows up for Biden rallies.) Can you imagine the media’s reaction? It would be the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the United States this week. It would prove that the Tea Party is evil and shut up.

But it only happened to Paul Ryan, so it’s no big deal. If he doesn’t want people lunging at him and screaming epithets, why did he become a Republican?

BTW, that first charming lady reportedly punched a volunteer on her way up to the stage. Which must be why USA Today described the crowd as… “spirited.”

(Hat tip: Doug Powers)

P.S. More video from the event: