DNC Web video attacks Artur Davis [VIDEO]

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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A new Web video from the Democratic National Committee targets Democrat-turned-Republican Artur Davis, suggesting that his switch of parties was a purely self-interested move, not one based on political principle.

Davis, a former Alabama congressman and 2010 gubernatorial candidate, gave one of the nominating speeches for then-Sen. Barack Obama at the 2008 Democratic Convention. Four years later, he will have a primetime speaking spot at the Republican National Convention Monday.

The video from DNC Rapid Response, entitled “For Artur Davis, It’s All About Artur Davis,” shows Davis’ 2008 speech, in which he praises the president, with text bubbles popping up proclaiming Obama’s achievements during his term.

“Artur Davis’ speech at the GOP convention isn’t about Barack Obama,” says the text at the end. “It’s about Artur Davis.”

“My old Democratic friends are reminding me of an old rule: in politics, if you fear someone is getting through and people are listening, attack them as fast as you can,” Davis told The Daily Caller. “I do wish they had not reminded me that I have gained weight in four years.”

The DNC did not respond to request for comment.

Watch the video here:

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