Bynes quickly gaining on Lohan for title of most notorious former child star

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Lindsay Lohan needs to watch her back because Amanda Bynes is quickly gaining on her for the coveted title of most messed up female former child star.

Drunk driving? Check. Mug shot? Check. Drug paraphernalia? You betcha. Amanda Bynes has these all the bag.

Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the “She’s The Man” actress has risen from Hollywood obscurity and into the spotlight due to an impressive amount of driving mishaps including drunk driving and two hit-and-runs, one involving a police car.

Bynes’ driver’s license was suspended last month following an April arrest for refusing a Breathalyzer test. On Sunday, the actress was pulled over by cops for not having her headlights on at night but was let go with a warning.

That brush with the law certainly didn’t stop the actress from driving around Los Angeles “aimlessly” for hours again on Tuesday. Not only was she driving with a suspended license, she was driving while smoking what TMZ calls a “drug pipe.”

The paparazzi apparently followed her black BMW all day and snapped photos of what appears to be marijuana residue in the cup holders. Bynes also stopped at Mexican fast food restaurant Baja Fresh, because everyone knows tacos are the most satisfying food when you have the munchies.

Meanwhile, Lohan (who recently got booted from the Chateau Marmont and trashed Elizabeth Taylor’s trailer) is causing some of her own drama on the “Scary Movie 5” set, the New York Post reports.

The actress was reportedly hours late for a scene with fellow coke fiend Charlie Sheen. Lohan claimed that she had “walking pneumonia” and could not come to the set. Apparently, she is upset by her role in the film because she just now realized that they hired her simply to make fun of her. She will have to suck it up because of an ironclad contract with the film’s producers.

In Lohan’s defense, she didn’t want to come to the set because she didn’t want to have to kiss Sheen, and who can really blame her for that?

It’s a respectable effort by Lohan, but if she really wants to remain a top-tier troublemaker, she is going to have to do a lot more than just act like a pain in the ass because a Bynes arrest or trip to rehab is surely on the horizon.

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