Pakistan Interior Minister pushing Interpol to ban anti-Islam material online

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If one well-known Pakistani politician gets his way, international law will forbid “anti-Islam” material from the Internet.

Friday afternoon, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik wrote in a series of tweets that he has spoken with and written to the Secretary General of Interpol about enacting an international law to stop all anti-Islam propaganda online.

He followed it up with a response to fellow tweeter Kanwal Zahra Zaidi (@KanwalZaidi), noting that the “Anti Islam element must stop hurting Muslims.”

Malik concluded with a tweet reiterating his initial contention, that propagating anti-Islam material is a “crime” and that it must be stopped.

Interpol is the world’s largest international policing body, with 190 member countries. This week Muslims have been up in violent arms over a film with depicts their prophet Muhammad in a poor light.

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