‘Morning Joe’ unsolicited advice, ctd

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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My post yesterday on “Morning Joe’s” leftward lurch spawned a lot of tweets, comments and emails — the vast majority of them agreeing with my premise.

Here is one such reader email, which is very representative of the general sentiment:

I am a conservative who started each day with Morning Joe. When Mika or Willie would begin the morning with their introductions and Pat Buchanan was on, my day was made! I am a longstanding Buchanan Brigader since his first run for president.

… I remember how at 830 sharp each morning, either [Mark] Haines or Erin [Burnett] would give us the financial news. Now, if they do provide this update at all, it can come anytime between 830 and 900. Boy, I miss Haines and Erin!

I learned to love Mika and to respect her father.

The show was easily the best show for morning news if you like the facts and not just spin. FOX morning shows are just inane and I would be embarrassed for anyone to think I would watch it. I tried Imus and he is too negative. So now, I just tape MJ and speed through it in about 10 minutes every morning.

Last year, I was satisfied thinking that I would still have Pat for the 2012 election year. When he was let go this year, it was like watching your favorite coffee shop close. You know you can make other choices, but it will never be the same.

My mornings will never be the same. Thank you for expressing my feelings this morning so well. Im sure others are also experiencing the same loss.

(Emphasis mine.)

This email echoes what a lot of people are saying.

Matt K. Lewis