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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Pro-Israel activist Rosemary Schindler

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With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last week to the United Nations imploring the world community to draw a clear red line on Iran’s nuclear program, this week’s Leaders interview with Rosemary Schindler is particularly timely.

Schindler is president of Schindler’s Ark. There, she carries out her relative Oskar Schindler‘s legacy by standing up for Israel and trying to build a bridge of understanding between Christians and Jews. She is animated by the belief that ordinary citizens can show courage in the face of extraordinary brutality and threats.

Recently, The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas asked Ms. Schindler whether religious Americans are better off than they were four years ago, if America is more or less respected in the world because of President Obama, how she would grade America’s Israel policy and much more.

Click the links below to fast-forward to each question:

Is America more or less respected around the world because of President Obama’s leadership?

Some say we are only global citizens. What makes America worth preserving, in your opinion?

Is President Obama’s policy toward Israel helping or hurting?

How would you grade President Obama’s Middle East policies?

Are religious Americans better off than four years ago?

Why should Americans care about Israel?

Discuss the rise of anti-Semitism, and the increasing violence and hate we are seeing from the hard left right now

What can ordinary citizens do right now?

Tell us your mission and Oskar Schindler’s legacy?

Why were you in the Washington area this week?

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