Binders full of gullible women

Emily O'Neill Co-Founder, Envallo

Once again, it seems that quite a few voters have fallen for another Democratic ploy to fuel the non-existent “War on Women.” Ever since Mitt Romney’s now-infamous debate comment about “binders full of women,” the social media world has been buzzing. Facebook fan pages appeared immediately after Romney made the comment, including one that has already gotten 340,000 likes.

I thought these groups were just for entertainment — until I read news stories and commentary painting Romney as anti-woman, and his “binders full of women” comment as further proof. Let me be clear: I’m by no means a fan of Romney, nor do I care to defend him. But I do care that women are the unwitting pawns of a new propaganda campaign, and that some are gullible enough to believe it without question.

Women are being fed lines by the liberal campaign machine that they earn less than men because of discrimination. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it does appear that women earn less than men. However, does this data prove discrimination? What about the differences in the educational, lifestyle, and career choices that men and women make? What about the evidence that suggests that women are less likely than men to counter-offer for a higher salary?

But the purpose of the “binders full of women” commentary isn’t to have an honest discussion about equal pay; it’s to renew the cliché that conservative men are misogynists who believe that women should stay in the kitchen.

Yet empowered women don’t buy easily into rhetoric; they dig beneath the surface to discover the truth and equip themselves with the facts. As a woman, I’m not offended by the “binders” comment. I’m offended that liberals treat women as a bunch of helpless, government dependents whose only goal in life is to ensure that they have access to unregulated abortions. Women deserve far better than how they have been treated during this election cycle, and the answer is to put an end to the nonsense gender politics.

While the “War on Women” rages, real wars are being fought overseas and people are dying every day. Our civil liberties are eroding with little outcry from the public, as both Democrats and Republicans trample over the Constitution. While some women are demanding more government subsidies, the national debt stands at $16 trillion and neither candidate believes in making any substantive cuts. Both candidates are talking about how to increase the debt and create more bureaucracy, and we’re supposed to be mad about “binders full of women”? Who is controlling our political discourse and why aren’t we asking the right questions? Does the media believe that all women are that naïve or selfish?

Women shouldn’t get emotional about the gender war that doesn’t exist — they should speak out against the controlled debate that does exist.

Emily O’Neill graduated magna cum laude from the University of New Hampshire with a B.A. in Communication. After graduation, she moved to the D.C. area for an internship with Young Americans for Liberty and later accepted a position on Capitol Hill as press secretary for Congressman Justin Amash. She currently serves as the press liaison for a non-profit organization. Follow her on Twitter.