Chevy Chase says racist thing to protest racist ‘Community’ script

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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All-around pleasant and jolly fellow Chevy Chase used the “n-word” on the set of “Community” Friday to protest a racist script.

Chase’s character Pierce Hawthorne is prone to saying insensitive and, well, really racist stuff — and Chase is allegedly fed-up with how his character is being portrayed, Deadline reports.

Two major actors on the NBC series (Donald Glover and Yvette Brown) are black, but the “outburst” was due to Chase being “increasingly frustrated and uncomfortable with the direction of his character.”

So in order to protest against his character’s bigoted tendencies, Chase said something super racist.

The actor launched into a “tirade” and suggested that his character might next call Glover’s and Brown’s characters the “n-word,” which reportedly upset several cast members.

Chase’s behavior is well-worn terroritory and his disdain for the very series that made him (kind of) relevant again is well-documented.

In September, Chase told the Huffington Post UK of his job, “[t]he hours are hideous, and it’s still a sitcom on television, which is probably the lowest form of television.”

This follows Chase’s very public war of words (including a very unsubtle “fuck you”) with “Community” creator Dan Harmon. The beef between the show runner and the actor concluded the firing of Harmon from his own show.

Add the recent on-set blowup to the laundry list of things that are going awry for the embattled series.  The fourth season of “Community” was originally set to air on Oct. 19, but NBC has pushed back the series (which was only given a 13-episode order in a Friday night time slot) indefinitely.

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