Rudy Giuliani: Obamacare ‘impossible to reverse’ if Obama re-elected

Laura Byrne Contributor
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Former Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani said Wednesday that the health care law will be “close to impossible to reverse four years from now” if America re-elects President Barack Obama.

“President Obama gets elected? Obamacare becomes the law of the land for sure … even if you have your Republican house,” Giuliani, at a summit at the U.S. Chambers of Commerce Wednesday, told the crowd. “So the American people in re-electing President Obama, are … accepting it as their future.”

“20,000 IRS agents will get hired,” Giuliani continued, “Which I think is absolutely ludicrous. Just what we need 20,000 more IRS agents, and there’s almost no way to stop that.”

Giuliani forecasted the reverse scenario if former Gov. Mitt Romney is elected.

“Even without a Republican Senate … [Romney] can get Obamacare overturned,” Giuliani predicted.

Giuliani explained that Romney, if elected, could persuade at least four or five Democratic senators to vote to overturn Obamacare with “2014 elections right around the corner,” because some Democrats that are up for re-election represent states that “do not view Obamacare very favorably.”

He warned the crowd that “the real damage to our economy in Obamacare is gonna be when that committee … gets to define insurance,” Giuliani said. “The mandate applies if you don’t have health insurance, but what constitutes health insurance?”

“Obama will appoint a commission that will cover everything,” he added. (RELATED: Giuliani on Libya emails: Obama owes US ‘honest answer’ on Benghazi)

“If you cover condoms, then you have to cover everything right. If you cover condoms then you should cover Viagra, it’s only fair,” Giuliani mocked.

According to Giuliani, the economy cannot recover “with this tremendous burden.”

He argued that if Romney is elected, “Obamacare will be gone, and what will be substituted is trying to get the private sector a lot more revitalized in dealing with health care and health insurance.”

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