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Ladies and gentlemen: Touré

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In case that doesn’t show up because he’s deleted it, he posted a link to this image:

With these immortal words: “This is the most incredible Sandy pic I’ve seen yet. A scuba diver in the subway.”

If you don’t know who Touré is, that just means you live on the planet Earth in the year 2012. And if you can’t see what’s wrong with this picture, literally and otherwise, you too may qualify for a job at Time or MSNBC. Or both.

Ever since the poor fellow posted this, those evil wingnuts have been giving him the business. You can read more about it at Twitchy. Short version: He was just kidding, you poopyheads, and Michelle Malkin is mean for teasing him.

Can you spot the paradox? Touré can’t! (And that’s not a “conpliment.”)

Oh, and as usual, you are a racist. Not for laughing at Touré, just as a general rule.

Jim Treacher