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Canada Cans Gun Registry

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Vic Toews, Federal Minister of Public Safety, yesterday announced that the gun registry is coming to an end for most of Canada as of October 31st.

“Our Conservative Government is proud to say that as of last night (October 31), all contents of the long-gun registry have been destroyed, except those related to Quebec. We are making our streets and communities safer by targeting criminals who use firearms, not law-abiding Canadians. Make no mistake, the tax and spend NDP will not hesitate to bring back the long gun registry. Now that these data have been deleted, they can never be recovered – even by Thomas Mulcair.”

The gun registry was instituted in 1993 and cost millions of dollars annually to administer.

Quebec will still administer the registry, unless of course the people there grow a spine and stand up for freedom.