Top 10: Most cringeworthy videos on the Internet [VIDEO]

David Demirbilek Contributor
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Soon, millions of families across the nation will gather around the dinner table to count their blessings while feasting themselves into a near coma. If you happen to find yourself at a loss for something to be thankful for this year, give thanks… that you aren’t one of the unfortunate souls in these videos.

Here are 10 of some of the most cringeworthy videos on the web. Thanks, YouTube.


10. Dave gives the worst best man speech ever

Not sure if this is a problem of too much or too little alcohol. At least he’s honest that he’s not,
um, big on speeches.


9. The price is wrong on “Price is Right”

To compete for the treasures of the “Price is Right” showcase, all Mercer has to do is not land on
the nickel. With 20 spaces on the wheel, that’s only a five percent chance of failure, yet…

8. White woman tops Joe Biden’s “put y’all back in chains” comment

Perhaps the strongest evidence yet in support of the Catholic Church’s refusal to ordain women.

7. Jodie Foster waxes poetic — , á la Eminem — at University of Pennsylvania commencement

All great graduation speeches involve a famous quote — just usually not from white rappers.


Don’t let the reporter’s blunder distract from the incredible improvisation this guy pulls off on
live TV. Also, his initial shock? Priceless.

5. Rock on

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? If you’re this guy, probably by contacting the box office and
buying a ticket.


4. “Warning Dangerous Dog”

Aussies must be experts at suppressing laughter—the wife is a pro.

3. America’s next great invention

“I tried it once in front of a bus stop in my neighborhood. The people that were waiting at the
bus stop, they knew I was doing something out of the ordinary.”

2. Hi, can I give you this plate?

Even money bet that this awkward lady is Michael Cera’s stunt double for the upcoming
“Arrested Development” movie.

1. Turkey Leg Serenade

From the people who brought you Rebecca Black. No further explanation required. Happy

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