Newlywed high school teacher allegedly has affairs with underage students, another teacher

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A former high school biology teacher from Walton, New York who was allegedly having sex with two underage students has been charged with rape, according to the Daily Mail.

Stephanie Fletcher, 28, was engaged in an affair with another teacher at Walton High School as well. She is also a newlywed.

Fletcher initiated the relationships with the two underage students — both 16-year-old males at the time — by sending them lewd text messages and naked photos of herself, reports local CBS affiliate WBNG.

The relationships became intimate when Fletcher offered to tutor the students individually after school.

“She was telling me that every question I got right we could do something,” said one of the students, according to WBNG.

The sexual encounters generally happened outside of school. Fletcher allegedly had sex with one of the students at his sister’s house. The other student reportedly had sex with Fletcher on a couch in his home during one of the tutoring sessions.

Sexual contact allegedly occurred during breaks between classes, in empty classrooms and in the school parking lot as well.

One of the students told investigators that his sexual relationship with Fletcher began in December of 2010, the same year that Fletcher got married, according to the Daily Mail. He said it lasted into the spring of 2011.

Sexual relations between Fletcher and the other student reportedly began in March or April of 2012 and lasted into the early part of the summer.

One of Fletcher’s alleged victims told police investigators that he had been “picked on and bullied” by the male teacher at Walton High School with whom Fletcher had also been conducting an affair, according to the Daily Star of Oneonta, New York.

The alleged victim reportedly sent a letter complaining about the mistreatment to the home of the high school principal, Michael MacDonald.

According to police, Fletcher threatened to commit suicide if word got out about their sexual activities.

Fletcher has since resigned from her teaching position at Walton High School.

“She is no longer employed by the school district,” said Judith Breese, chairperson of the Walton Board of Education, according to the Daily Mail.

Charges against Fletcher include two counts of third-degree rape, one count of a third-degree criminal sexual act and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

She has pleaded not guilty to each charge.

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