Merry Christmas, maybe [VIDEO]

David Demirbilek | Contributor

To cite the eminently quotable Carly Rae Jepsen, “This is crazy.”

Baltimore-based ABC2 reports that a Bel Air, Md., man has synchronized his elaborate holiday light display to Carly Rae Jepsen’s runaway summer hit, “Call Me Maybe.”

The station provided no other specifics regarding the identity of the culprit behind the display aside from the fact that he is a “man.” (Scare quotes intentional.)

Visitors may tune into a radio transmitter to hear the song play along with the light show. This is assuming that the saccharine little aria has not already been mercilessly burned into their memories in the last few months.

This is not the first sighting of “Call Me Maybe” being utilized to stoke holiday spirit. Earlier this year, residents of Columbia, S.C., were treated to a Jepsen-inspired Halloween light display.

“I’m just sitting here thinking this song will never go away,” laments one of the ABC2 anchors.

Cheer up, friend. We can always hold out hope for another Christmas miracle.

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