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Does Piers Morgan’s bodyguard carry a gun?

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You might not know who Piers Morgan is, because he’s on CNN. (If you don’t know what CNN is, Google it.) He’s a British guy who hosts a show on American cable news because Larry King finally realized he was 150 years old and retired, and CNN had absolutely no idea what to do with his time slot. So far, the experiment has been a miserable ratings failure, but I’m sure Jeff Zucker doesn’t mind.

Anyway, Morgan is really excited about that football player killing his girlfriend and then himself, because it’s an excuse for Morgan to tell all us stupid Americans how backwards and pointless our Second Amendment is.

So, I ask again: Does Piers Morgan’s bodyguard carry a gun? If so, why?

I hereby call on Mr. Morgan to publicly announce that at no point in his day is he guarded by anyone with a gun. And if he’s serious about this, he needs to pressure everyone else at CNN to make the same pledge. If he wants to get rid of guns, he needs to set an example for all of us dumb Yanks.

Or does the Second Amendment apply only to him?