David Cameron fails as LinkedIn columnist

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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British Prime Minister David Cameron wrote a 135-word column Thursday on the popular social-networking site LinkedIn, but traffic to his piece has been low.

Cameron’s column, entitled “£50m new investment in London’s Tech City,” announces that his government has invested £50m for renovations to London’s Old Street Roundabout, which is currently in the process of transforming into “Tech City,” an international civic space for Internet entrepreneurs.

Though Cameron clearly believed that making the announcement on a social-media site would be a fitting move, his column has not attracted much buzz.

At 2 p.m. EST Thursday, more than five hours after its publication, Cameron’s column still had only 14 comments and 87 LinkedIn “likes.” 17 people had tweeted it and 11 people had liked it on Facebook. Two brave souls had even Google Plus-1’ed it.

By contrast, Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker’s Dec. 4 LinkedIn column, “A Movement Toward Food Justice,” boasts 822 comments and 1,033 likes and has been tweeted 817 times in two days.

“The UK is in a global race and I am determined that we as a Government continue doing everything we can to equip the UK to compete and thrive in that race,” Cameron wrote in his LinkedIn piece, referring to the global business race.

But when it comes to the Internet traffic race, Cameron is shaping up to be a bloody failure. Bollocks!

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