Poll: Most believe Santa Claus is real, a Democrat

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New polling out this week reveals that most voters believe Santa Claus is a Democrat.

Public Policy Polling “new holiday season poll” found that 44 percent of respondents said they believe Santa is a Democrat, compared to 28 percent who think he is a Republican, and 28 percent who are unsure.

The survey of 500 registered voters from Dec. 5-7 also indicated that most believed both President Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be receiving presents, not coal, from Santa.

Respondents said Romney would receive gifts from Santa by a margin of 67 percent to 37 percent. PPP noted that these may be “sympathy” gifts.

Obama’s margin was a bit tighter, with 51 percent saying he would get Santa gifts to 49 percent who did not.

Furthermore, 52 percent of Americans said they believe Santa exists, while 45 percent said they did not believe he is real.

“I’m sure Santa will be happy to know that the majority of Americans believe in him,” said PPP’s Dean Debnam. He added that, with just 32 percent aware that Hanukkah is eight days long, Santa “just needs to give everyone a Hanukkah calendar in their stocking this year.”

The poll also found that 36 percent of respondents consider “The Chipmunk Song” the “most annoying holiday song”, while 13 percent believe it’s “Santa Baby.” Eighty percent of respondents said they were on Santa’s “Nice List” compared to 11 percent who said they were on his “Naughty” one, and 62 percent said the best part of the holidays was spending time with family.

Additionally, 47 percent of respondents said they think there is a “War on Christmas.” Forty percent said they did not, while 13 percent were unsure.

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