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The Pope is on Twitter now

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12/12/12. The last calendar date for quite a while that reads the same everywhere in the world. And it’s the historic date when Pope Benedict XVI debuted his official Twitter account, @pontifex:

So, y’know, Pope-type stuff. Which is cool.

And of course, Twitter responded as only Twitter can, as catalogued by Twitchy.com:

Actually, that’s the only response I’m comfortable posting on my own blog. If you really need to witness the religious tolerance for yourself, go ahead. Needless to say, nobody will be rioting over it, and Obama and the State Department won’t feel any need to distance themselves from it. Some religious criticism is more equal than other religious criticism.

I just hope Pope Benedict doesn’t get addicted. On Twitter you start off like, “Wow, this thing looks really dumb. Why 140 characters? That seems arbitrary. What a bunch of losers. Well, I’ll try it, just to prove how silly it is.” Next thing you know, it’s 3 in the morning and you’re still arguing with those blind idiots on #TeamJacob. You have to pace yourself.

Once he gets into the swing of things, I really hope he starts signing off with #PopeOut.

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Jim Treacher