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Down with Santa, says “Think” “Progress”

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The war on “The War on Christmas” continues, and our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters at “Think” “Progress” are leading the charge:

Fox and Friends took its coverage of the so-called “War on Christmas” to the front lines on Thursday morning by inviting Santa Claus to weigh in on America’s changing culture and secularization…

Fox News covers the so-called “War on Christmas” annually, documenting perceived offenses against Christianity like using the greeting “happy holidays” instead of Merry Christmas, calling a Christmas tree a “holiday tree” or nativity scenes removed from local state buildings. The network regularly uses the segments to denounce atheists, gays, and the “abortion” agenda.

Well, we can’t have that. What would the “holidays” be without atheists, gays, and the abortion agenda? Boooooo, Santa.

Have an Ambivalent, Non-Denominational, Gender-Neutral Winter-Solstice-Adjacent Day Where You Don’t Have to Go to Work (Unless You Do), everyone!

P.S. “Concerned parents” label elementary school’s holiday concert a form of bullying. Ho-ho-hold it right there, fat man!

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Jim Treacher