Obama to the rescue?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Sen. Marco Rubio’s efforts to sell immigration reform to conservatives could get a boost today from President Obama, who will reportedly offer a slightly different framework.

According to USA Today,

One potential difference between Obama and the Senate: Plans to offer a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the United States.


Some senators — including a key Republican, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida — want to tie the proposed pathway to citizenship to improvements in the border security system.

While some might view Obama’s insertion into the debate as a “poison pill,” my guess is it will benefit Rubio by allowing him to attack Obama — and simultaneously push the senate’s more prudent framework. One possibility is that this could help highlight the conservative principles Rubio has been fighting to include in the deal.

And it couldn’t come at a better time. Rubio is going on Rush Limbaugh today to talk about his plan. Now — thanks to Obama — Rubio will likely spend most of his time talking about the differences between Obama’s amnesty plan and Rubio’s alternate plan (where border security and other conditions must be met prior to citizenship).

Matt K. Lewis