Lindsay Lohan too ill to go to court, but is totally fine to go shopping

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Lindsay Lohan is too sick to make it to her court date in Los Angeles Wednesday morning, but was totally healthy enough to go shopping and puff on cigarettes in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood over the weekend.

TMZ reports that Lohan’s lawyer submitted paperwork Saturday — including a doctor’s note and a New York Post article about the widespread flu epidemic in NYC —  claiming that the actress’ upper respiratory infection would keep her from appearing in court to face misdemeanor charges stemming from her July 2012 car accident.

Unfortunately for Lohan, paparazzi cameras caught her on a shopping spree with cigarettes in her hand (which are not great for the respiratory system) the same day she was allegedly too sick to keep herself from going to jail.

Lohan is set to be arraigned for lying to the police last summer when she told them that she was not behind the wheel when her Porsche crashed into an 18-wheeler when she actually was. She was also charged with reckless driving and obstructing police from their duty.

Now, TMZ claims that Lohan read news reports about how she could potentially go to jail if the judge doesn’t believe her “I’m too sick excuse.” The actress reportedly took a first-class red eye flight to Los Angeles from New York late Tuesday night to try and save her own ass from going to jail.

In 2010, a judge put her behind bars after she claimed that she couldn’t make it to court because of a stolen passport, when she was actually partying in Cannes, France instead.

Lohan is going to need to start thinking outside the box when coming up with excuses of why she can’t take responsibility for herself.

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