10 things we will miss the most about ’30 Rock’ when it’s gone [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The bittersweet series finale of “30 Rock” is upon us.

As Matt Lewis noted, most fans of the NBC series are glad that the show is going out on a high note rather than being dragged out for a few more seasons, but there are so many things we’ll miss about Liz Lemon and “TGS.”

Fortunately, we will always have the Internet to relive the show’s best moments.

Here are the 10 things we’ll miss the most about the irreverent series once it’s gone:


Kim Jong-Il

Kenneth Parcell’s worldview

Jenna Maroney’s insanity

Tracy Jordan’s insanity

Dot Com’s intellect

Dr. Spaceman’s lack of intellect

Pete Hornberger’s sad, sad life

Liz Lemon’s boyfriends

Jack Donaghy’s insults and words of wisdom

Liz Lemon. Period.

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Taylor Bigler