Dale Peterson fighting accusations he tried to steal beer from Wal-Mart

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Dale Peterson, the Alabamian best known for his viral campaign videos railing against “thugs and criminals,” said on the radio Thursday that he’s fighting an arrest back home after police accused him of trying to steal two cases of beer from Wal-Mart last year.

According to Peterson, he was falsely accused by police and store employees who didn’t understand that he “just had to pee” and was planning on paying for the beer after he relieved himself in the store bathroom.

“Apparently, I’m a thief according to Wal-Mart,” Peterson said on the Matt Murphy Show in Birmingham, Ala. on Thursday, going on to explain his version of events from his October 2012 arrest.

Peterson — the unsuccessful candidate for Alabama agriculture commissioner in 2010 — claimed his arrest was the result of confusion from store employees of him going to the restroom inside the store before paying for the beer.

He said he planned on paying for the beer after making the urgent pit stop.

According to his version of events, Peterson left two cases of beer and a paper towel roll outside the Wal-Mart restroom while he did his business. But when he came outside, officers from the Hoover Police Department arrested him.

He said he hasn’t been to court yet.

Peterson’s acknowledgment of his arrest was reported Thursday on the Yellowhammer Politics blog, which posted the full audio of the interview.

Since Peterson’s campaign video went vital in 2010, the Alabamian has stayed active in politics, giving speeches and endorsing Herman Cain in the 2012 presidential race.

See his video from the 2010 campaign:

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