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Michael Bloomberg protects New York from the dangers of 2-liter bottles

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You can’t be trusted to live your own lives, New Yorkers. Fortunately, you keep reelecting the guy who knows what’s good for you.

Those stupid new rules on soda take effect on March 12, and they’re not just going to affect movie theaters. NY Post:

Say goodbye to that 2-liter bottle of Coke with your pizza delivery, pitchers of soft drinks at your kid’s birthday party and some bottle-service mixers at your favorite nightclub.

They’d violate Mayor Bloomberg’s new rules, which prohibit eateries from serving or selling sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces…

The city Health Department last week began sending brochures to businesses that would be affected by the latest ban, including restaurants, bars and any “food service” establishment subject to letter grades…

Typically, a pizzeria charges $3 for a 2-liter bottle of Coke. But under the ban, customers would have to buy six 12-ounce cans at a total cost of $7.50 to get an equivalent amount of soda.

“I really feel bad for the customers,” said Lupe Balbuena of World Pie in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Well, they should’ve thought of that before they decided to be poor. Right, Michael Bloomberg?

If it seems dumb to ban something in restaurants and bars that you can just go out and buy at the grocery store, don’t worry. That’ll be next. That’s how fascism progresses: one concession at a time.

Update: Told ya.

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