Yearbook: Gun control advocate John Kerry was in his high school’s rifle club

Patrick Howley Political Reporter

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who co-sponsored gun-control legislation during his career as a Democratic senator, was a member of his high school’s rifle club, a description next to his yearbook photo reveals.

Kerry’s senior portrait from the tony St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire lists his extracurricular activities, including “Rifle Club.” He also played soccer and lacrosse, joined “Le Cercle Francais” and founded a debating society.

The photo was published by The Daily Mail in an unrelated story Tuesdsay.

Kerry serves an administration that seeks to ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, despite an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees Americans the right to bear arms.

It is unclear which weapons Kerry used during his stint in the St. Paul’s School Rifle Club.

Kerry discussed his privileged childhood Tuesday during an official visit to Berlin, Germany, which marked his first overseas trip as President Obama’s Secretary of State.

He also spoke highly of the preppy Vineyard Vines clothing line.

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