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Andrew McCarthy on Benghazi: ‘Decisive action could have saved American lives’ [VIDEO]

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Former Clinton administration federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy told The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas that the Obama administration’s response to the attack on America’s consulate in Benghazi, Libya last September was a “shocking dereliction of duty” and that “decisive action could have saved American lives.”

“I use the term ‘dereliction of duty’ with all due care, because dereliction of duty is an impeachable offense,” said the former prosecutor. “But this is the most gross dereliction of duty under these circumstances from a commander in chief and his immediate subordinates that I ever remember seeing in my experience. And we haven’t gotten an explanation … if there were coherent reasons why no action was taken.”

“What we do know is … that they lied about the cause of the violence there,” he added. “I mean, they serially lied.”

In the interview, McCarthy also claims that the Obama administration continues to work with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to find agreement on U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which would deem it unlawful to incite hostility toward religion.

“What we are effectively doing is codifying the Shariah blasphemy standard under which any criticism of Islam … is deemed to be a capital offense,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy is currently a senior fellow of at the National Review Institute. He writes for National Review Online and PJ Media, and is the author of several books on Islamism.

His weekly NRO columns can be found here.

In more installments of TheDC’s interview with McCarthy to appear throughout the week, McCarthy discusses President Obama’s national security team, civil rights and Islam, the Arab Spring and reactions to “Islamaphobia.”

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