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Andrew McCarthy on Islamic law ‘run[s] completely afoul of our western idea about democracy and individual liberty’ [VIDEO]

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In an interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Andrew C. McCarthy, the former assistant United States attorney who successfully led the prosecutions of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers, sounded off on Islamic law.

“A number of tenants of Islamic Law….run completely afoul of our western idea about democracy and individual liberty” he continued. “Sharia rejects the idea that the people have a right to govern themselves, their idea is that Sharia is Allah’s gift to mankind. about the dignified proper way that human life is to be lived and it doesn’t tolerate any deviation from that. It rejects free speech. It rejects freedom of conscience. In Sharia, rejecting Islam, if you have been a Muslim apostasy  is a capital offense it is an offense that you get killed for. Homosexuality is a capital offense….Women are decidedly second class citizens.”

“This is really a system that is very, very different from our understanding of what the proper way to live human life is. It’s a real, deep, cultural difference, and when I describe these things people look at me like I have three heads and I must be making it all up.”

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