Taco Bell’s Doritos Tacos Locos created 15,000 jobs, according to Taco Bell [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Taco Bell’s creation of the Doritos Tacos Locos created 15,000 jobs in the over the past year, according to Taco Bell.

The fast food chain claims that the menu item is so popular that more than 1 million Doritos Tacos Locos are ordered daily — approximately 12 tacos per second.

Such a demand for a taco wrapped in a Nacho Cheese flavored Dorito shell encased flour burrito, then stuffed with meat, cheese and sour cream caused the need for more Taco Bell employees. Basically, Taco Bell has single-handedly stimulated the economy.

Now, Taco Bell has unveiled a new Doritos Tacos Locos in the superior Dorito flavor, Cool Ranch, which could potentially lead to thousands, if not millions of more jobs.

Taco Bell: stimulating the economy one heart attack at a time.

UPDATE: The original version of this post incorrectly stated that the Doritos Tacos Locos created 1,500 jobs. It created 15,000.


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