Hear Gary Busey’s insane thoughts on Easter [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Gary Busey either loves or hates Easter. After watching his latest “Busey Zone” video, one might not be able to determine which.

The actor and professional crazy person explains that while Easter may be little more than a marketing ploy, it’s still great for kids and chocolate lovers.

“Think of the bunnies,” Busey says. “You count — there are not enough numbers in our society to count the number of Easter bunnies that are made out of chocolate during this weekend — and that’s good for chocolate lovers.”

“Some of them are this big [makes wide gesture] — but they’re hollow. So that means you can bite the head off the bunny and put Cheerios in it and Sweet n’ Low, and have a Cheerio breakfast and eat the bunny and you’ll feel like you’ve conquered the world.”

Busey then explains how to skin an actual rabbit and cook it. He prefers to put rabbit meat covered in crackers and flour and fry it up.

“Once you eat three pounds of rabbits, watch how fast you can run — ’cause it’s really good for you,” concludes Busey.



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