Leaked memo: ESPN manager encourages employees working Brazilian X Games to lie on timesheets

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A high-ranking ESPN operations manager has urged staff at the upcoming Brazilian X Games to lie on their timesheets and underreport the number of hours they work, according to an emailed memo obtained by the sports blog Deadspin.

“Financially, things are extremely difficult,” the manager, Severn Sandt, said in the memo. “Please help me to keep your part of the budget in line.”

“Don’t push the OT,” Sandt continued, referring to overtime hours. “If it’s 9:10, take the 9:00 out – don’t push for 9:30. Heck, maybe you’d like to actually contribute an hour or two of your OT to the cause and take a 7:00 out. Trust me – no one’s going to the bank on this one. If this idea appeals to anyone, we can start an honorary wall of contributors in the office.”

The X Games competition in Brazil begins next week and ends in late April. ESPN organizes several X Games events each year.

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Sarah Hofmann