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Lars Larson: ‘Pelosi Rule’ at work in 1000 page immigration bill [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer

In part three of his exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, talk radio host Lars Larson opined on the “Gang of Eight’s”immigration reform bill currently under debate in Congress.

“Where can I start?” he asked, quite rhetorically. “We take a group of people, most of whom have violated half a dozen different American laws to be here … and then you say ‘For having violated our rules, we’re going to give you something that for most Americans is absolutely without price.'”

Larson also compared immigration reform to President Obama’s healthcare reform. “It’s full of details. I guess we’ll have to follow the ‘Pelosi Rule’ – pass it and then over the years we’ll find out all the crazy stuff that’s in it.”

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