Rubio: ‘Get Me Rewrite!’

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Shorter Marco Rubio: 

Wait! This immigration bill is awful! Why wasn’t I told? Who negotiated it anyway?

After failing to con conservatives into thinking the “Gang of 8” bill had “tough multiple enforcement triggers,”** Sen. Marco Rubio is vowing to support changes in the legislation he allegedly negotiated and repeatedly defended.  (“Sen. Rubio Says Immigration Bill Needs Stronger Border Provisions to Pass Senate.”) This is not a sign Rubio has had success in his role as Ambassador of Amnesty.

Will Democrats (or even the three other GOP members of the “Gang”) go along with rewriting the bill’s carefully constructed framework of deception, in which  the border security ‘triggers,” as amnesty lobbyist Frank Sharry admitted, “are based on developing plans and spending money, not on reaching [the target level of] effectiveness, which is really quite clever”?  Will they modify the “path to citizenship,” the core of  the bill, as Rubio also suggests? I suspect not.

They certainly won’t undo the bill’s fundamental flaw, which is that it legalizes the 11M illegals more or less immediately. (The only thing it even pretends to make contingent on the “triggers” being triggered is “green card” status.)

When Democrats fail to significantly toughen the bill, will Sen. Rubio go along with it anyway? That one’s easy: Yes.

Update: This from Ace of Spades says it better–

Rubio: I Will Now Fight For the Border Enforcement Mechanisms That I’d Previously Had Been Swearing Were In The Bill All Along


**–That’s the description tweeted by Rubio’s ham-handed amnesty Svengali, Cesar Conda, who has since “protected” his Twitter feed. Even Conda’s archives can now only be viewed by people he approves. What does he have to hide?

Mickey Kaus