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Meghan McCain vs. Iowahawk: Dare to take a guess?

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Some say the lesser of two evils is still evil. Others say the perfect is the enemy of the good. I say this:

I wasn’t rooting for Mark Sanford to beat [whatever Stephen Colbert’s sister’s name is] for that South Carolina Congressional seat, and I was vaguely embarrassed that he got the nomination in the first place. But he won, and he’s not a socialist jailbird like his opponent. Besides, it makes Stephen Colbert sad. So I’ll take it.

All of which is a preamble to the following exchange, which justifies not only the existence of Twitter, but of human language itself.

I’ll begin with my own humble contribution, which I include only because Meghan McCain ended up deleting her original tweet for whatever reason:

“Mark Sanford is what is wrong with American politics”? Well, now:

It certainly is, Vincent. But it set up the greatest tweet in the history of Twitter:

Did you feel that? That was the indisputable, unavoidable truth.

Meggie Mac felt it. And she sure ain’t used to it. So:

Oh, dear. The poor thing.

By the way, back in ’09, when Sanford got into trouble in the first place, Megs wrote:

Forgive Mark Sanford

Sex scandals like Governor Sanford’s and John Ensign’s are private matters that don’t affect public policy and shoot down rising political stars. It’s time to end hypocrisy in America.

But see, that was different because:

Therefore, if you disagree with any of Meghan McCain’s ever-shifting opinions at any particular moment, you’re a “right-wing extremist.” It’s all about her, see?

One last delicious tidbit: Her daddy donated $2,500 to Sanford’s campaign. Maybe she’s mad because it came out of her allowance.

Update: Oh, and before you compare Sanford’s win to Anthony Weiner’s probable mayoral campaign in NYC, remember: When Sanford got caught, he owned up to it. He didn’t blame his opponents, he didn’t blame any nebulous “hackers,” he didn’t make trouble for Twitter and Congressional investigators, he didn’t call any reporters jackasses… In short, Sanford didn’t hiss and screech like a cornered rat until he had no choice but to confess. He just confessed. Something to keep in mind.

Update: Oh yeah, I definitely want Weiner to run. It’s gonna be hilarious. Just sayin’.

Update: Twitchy has more. If I didn’t know better, I’d start to suspect that Meghan is a silly little dilettante. (Google it, Megs.)