AEI scholar suggests Heritage Foundation lacks ‘integrity, loyalty, balls’ after Jason Richwine’s resignation

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American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray suggested on Friday that former Heritage Foundation analyst Jason Richwine, whose doctoral dissertation at Harvard included evidence that Hispanic immigrants have lower IQs than non-Hispanic whites, had been railroaded and forced to resign by people without integrity or “balls.” (RELATED: Learn more about Richwine’s resignation)

Richwine was recently the co-author of a polarizing report on the cost of mass legalization. But it was his older Harvard dissertation on race and IQ that attracted intense criticism in recent days, with Heritage stressing that it did not endorse Richwine’s thoughts on the topic.

Murray, who has also written extensively about intelligence and waded into the controversial topic of race and intellect, championed AEI for allowing him to pursue uncomfortable topics, unlike Heritage:

DeMuth was the president of AEI from 1986 to 2008. The Bell Curve, which examined issues relating to intellect, including race, was published in 1994. DeMint is the president of Heritage.

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